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Collaboration WIP Shots by ClockworKim
Collaboration WIP Shots
So I finally finished it! Here is the very VERY short WIP stages after :iconstealth-sushi: sent me the initial lineart. She did a fantastic job with the base, I just ended up re-lining it so that I could adhere it better to my style. Seriously, go visit her gallery. She has some awesome stuff there! We have some other line art ready for the future! :) (Smile)
I'm Counting on It by ClockworKim
I'm Counting on It
I'll come back..."
"I'm counting on it"

Dear lord has the past few months been eventful. It's been so hard to find time to do any sort of drawing I felt I was getting rusty. But luckily my dear friend :iconstealth-sushi: lined up a few linearts for me so that we could collaborate and cut the work in half! (I'll be posting the WIP so you can see her base next!) She also provided a few more linearts of our OC's with their SO's, so those will be coming up next!

Expect more! I can't promise I will have the collaborations out immediately, but I will provide them soon enough. Mid-December we have winter break, so there will probably be a boost in activity then too! Keep in mind although I don't post much now I always check my DA daily. 
Autumn Royal Maille Necklace by ClockworKim
Autumn Royal Maille Necklace
Sold Here:…

Cold mornings. 
Flaming leaves.
The scent of maple.

Now you can be the queen of the autumn with this hand-crafted chain maille necklace! 

This necklace was woven by hand and incorporates a byzantine, Romanov, and a box chain weaving technique. Within' each woven Romanov weave is an autumn-glass bead which captures and reflects colors in different types of light. The autumn glass beads and the copper rings work in tandem to bring warmth to the skin. The negative space between the beadwork is guaranteed to draw attention. To make this item more regal, chains have been incorporated to close the back, giving this necklace a delicate and flowing look. 

The Autumn Royal measures at 18 inches long and works excellent for both a formal and casual neck piece. It is also a great conversation-starter!
The Last Time We Waltzed... by ClockworKim
The Last Time We Waltzed...
Today I was able to squeeze in a little time out of my studies to work on the photos we received back from the party. I really didn't need to change the background for this fortunately, since the backdrop was framed perfectly for this pose. I am crazy content over this cosplay. Already, we've been planning our next costumes for this year!

Anyway, enjoy.

Cosplayers: Myself and my boyfriend

Come follow us on our cosplay Facebook page!:…
Morticia and Gomez by ClockworKim
Morticia and Gomez
"To live without you, only that would be torture."

"A day alone, only that would be death."

So we got our picture back from :iconzulma-san:'s party and it was fantastic! The boyfriend and I provided a photography backdrop for the party along with our lighting studio. I bought this particular backdrop precisely for the party but upon opening it I discovered that it was frighteningly TOO SMALL!!! So I ended up having to edit this picture and readjust the size of the backdrop along with tweaking lighting and colors. 

In comparison to other cosplays I've done in the past, Morticia really wasn't that hard of a character to do. It's just wigs in general I do not like, especially the lace-front wig I used for this costume which requires glue and tape. 

Gomez and Morticia = Brodtvas and Myself

You can view our cosplay Facebook page here!:…

A friend of ours :iconzulma-san: invited us to a Halloween party at her house and I offered to bring my photography studio along as well so that we could get some amazing pictures of everyone's costumes! Now that my Morticia costume is complete and my boyfriend's Gomez is finished as well we will have pictures up VERY soon after the party that we can then submit. It'll be amazing, I invested in a mansion backdrop, so the theme will be set! 

On another note, I have a buyer interested in purchasing the most recently made chain maille necklace. So it may be taken off the market very soon. But don't worry, I plan on getting more supplies soon to make more maille jewelry! When I have the time to do so and I'm feeling a bit creative I will also be establishing a website. 

A final note, I am trying VERY hard to get my work load lessened. But it's extremely hard to get everything finished and still have time for myself to work on things I want to work on. By the time I'm usually finished with homework, all I really want to do is sleep. Still, my dear friend :iconstealth-sushi: was very kind enough to want to work on couple of collaborations and gave me a few linearts so I am looking forward to working on those.
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